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MLO x Tread Lightly Partnership

MLO is proud to announce our partnership with Team Tread Lightly! Tread Lightly! is a nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah, whose mission is to promote responsible recreation through stewardship, education and communication. It was started as a campaign to address impacts from off road vehicles by the United States Forest Service in 1985, but became a nonprofit in 1990. 

MLO was recently involved on a bridge restoration with Tread Lightly! in June, where we met up with multiple volunteers to dismantle and then rebuild a historic bridge on a class four road in New Hampshire. This project sparked more involvement with Tread Lightly!, our most recent interaction being a lookout cleanup at Bald Eagle State Forest during our Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival. 

As overlanders we understand the importance behind keeping the roads we traverse open for use through the tread principles (Travel Responsibly, Respect the Rights of Others, Educate Yourself, Avoid Sensitive Areas, Do Your Part). In order to keep our hobby alive we must do our best to respect the land we use, and a are greatful to be an official partner of Tread Lightly!

For more information on our partnership, visit the link below!