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Artic Trucks AT35 & AT37 GX460

Have you dreamed of fitting 37” tires on your GX460 with only 1.5” of lift? Arctic Trucks North America has you covered. 

Arctic Trucks takes their 30+ years of experience building global expedition rigs for the harshest environments and applies it to the US consumer market with their AT35 and AT37 conversions for the Lexus GX460. We are thrilled to be the East Coast Authorized Upfitter and offer this conversion at all three of our shops. 

Rather than lifting the vehicle to accommodate larger tires, Arctic Trucks sticks to their Icelandic rooted design ethos and extensively re-engineers the body and frame combined with precise wheelbase and track width adjustments to accommodate up to a 37” tire with only a mere 1.5” of suspension lift.

Their ultra-low center of mass design retains near stock suspension geometry, resulting in confidence-inspiring handling on the road and off-road, improved comfort, and reduced wear and tear compared to typical modifications to fit larger tires. Arctic Trucks' signature full coverage fender flares amplify the profile of the GX460 with authentic Icelandic style and protection.

Authenticated with a serialized build plaque and backed by a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty, you’ll confidently embark on adventures far and wide knowing your vehicle is bred from Arctic Trucks' unparalleled expedition experience.