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Power Tank 15lb Track Pack
Power Tank 15lb Track Pack
Power Tank 15lb Track Pack

Power Tank 15lb Track Pack

Power Tank
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Product Description

The 15 lb. Track Pack Power Tank is based on our best selling Package B but trades the hard mount bracket for a padded Speed Bag. With 50% more CO2 than a 10 lb. Power Tank, a 15 lb. Power Tank is built for larger tires, bigger repairs, or longer overland journeys. The Package B includes accessories not found in the Package A that will make using your Power Tank faster and more convenient.

A Power Tank is the fastest and most powerful portable air solution. With the power of CO2 you can air up faster, reseat bigger tires (tested up to 46 in.) safely, and run air tools at full power. To see what Power Tank performance looks like for your tire size, check out our tire air up chart. Based on tire size and amount of air you are adding, it will tell you how many tires you can fill on one tank and how quickly you can do it. As an example, you can air up from 15 psi to 25 psi on a 37 in. tire in 25 sec. and you can air up 42 tires before needing to refill your 15 lb. Power Tank! The same size tank can also remove 540 lug nuts using a 1/2 in. impact wrench before empty. When it's empty, take your tank to a local fire extinguisher service shop, welding supply store, or beverage carbonic shops, and have it refilled for about $15-$30.  

The secret to this performance is Power Tank's Super Flow Regulators, adjustable regulator designed to maximize output pressure and flow rate simultaneously. Power Tanks boast a 45 cfm flow rate compared to the 5-6 cfm found in high-end 12v compressors. All Power Tank regulators are guaranteed to never freeze clog and are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. This is the only portable air system that will outlive the vehicle it's mounted to. 

This incredible system weighs only 37 lb. when full and is portable and easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, walked down the trail to help a broken rig, or transported from the chase truck to the race car all without power cables or long air hoses to run. 

This Track Pack system includes everything you need to run air tools with our advanced universal safety Super Coupler and air up tires through a dedicated HD Tire Inflator with Gauge. It also includes a Speed Bag for easy transport of your Power Tank, hose, and accessories. 


  • Super Flow Regulator HP250i
  • Power Grip Guard Handle
  • 15 lb. Armorcoat CO2 Cylinder
  • Tank Boot
  • Super Flex Hose 30 ft. Coiled or 30 ft. Straight
  • Super Coupler
  • 15 lb. Speed Bag
  • HD Tire Inflator with Gauge
  • You save $70 by bundling the accessories in Package B

Customize Your Power Tanks Look With These Six Shooter Tank Knobs!

 * Limited Lifetime Warranty

**5 year warranty

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