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AEV XP8100 Reservoir Shocks (2014+ Ram HD)

AEV XP8100 Reservoir Shocks (2014+ Ram HD)

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Product Description

Designed for Durability and Performance

AEV/Bilstein XP8100 Remote Reservoir Shocks are a high performance, direct-fit upgrade for your lifted 2014+ HD Ram. This upgrade will provide increased dampening performance and consistency over our standard 5100 shocks, especially on heavier trucks that often travel at higher speeds over rough terrain.

These AEV/Bilstein XP8100 shock absorbers are constructed from aerospace quality billet components and tuned by AEV to work in perfect harmony with your outfitted HD Ram. When we tune shocks, we use the same target weight as our Prospector/Prospector XL turn-key conversions to ensure that you get the absolute best possible ride quality and handling, without the degradation in performance, commonly associated with the added weight of bumpers, winch, full size spare, tent, etc.

Heat management is critical for consistent performance and longevity, so these large bore 66mm shock bodies are paired with a unique remote or piggyback reservoir, offering a higher oil volume capacity to control heat while tackling rough road surfaces over long distances – a scenario that overland travelers know all too well. Larger piston area also offers added control in hard use (such as with heavy trucks) and ability to tune for a broader damping range for vehicles that get used with and without added gear.

For improved durability against corrosion, these shocks feature the same silver painted finish as our 5100 series shocks. These shocks are available as a set of (4) for customers looking to upgrade their existing shock package and are now included with our new 3” DualSport XP Suspension Systems for both 2013-2018 Ram 2500/3500 and 2019+ Ram 2500/3500.

Whether rugged trails or asphalt roads, the AEV/Bilstein XP8100 Reservoir Shocks offers consistent comfort and control so you can tame the terrain in style.