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Vehicle Selection

At Main Line Overland we offer Vehicle Selection Services for both adventure motorbikes and expedition vehicles. We believe that a specifically matched selection can save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to the amount of modifications and repairs necessary to get you on the overlanding trip of your dreams.  We can match you to a particular vehicle based on your style of travel as well as your intended use.  We recognize that not everyone has the luxury of having more than one vehicle for daily use, and can help you choose your vehicle based on your level of involvement.  We have no manufacturer bias, and put ourselves in your shoes to come up with the best fit for you.

We also offer Pre Purchase Inspections (P.P.I.) for used overland vehicles to help you better understand what you are buying and what conditions the vehicle is in before you take the plunge.  Our Pre-Purchase Inspections are meticulous, checking every system in the car for flaws and inspecting the known problem areas of a particular model.  We will even perform off-site inspections within a certain radius, so that you can buy with confidence even if you are not able to kick the tires yourself.

MLO also offers Vehicle Finder Services for those rare and hard to find expedition rigs. We have successfully dealt with both importing and exporting vehicles and can bring that knowledge to your next platform purchase. We conduct daily searches on your behalf, to bring you hard-to-find vehicles at a reasonable price.