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EVO Corse Wheels

For over 10 years EVO Corse has been on the market of alloy wheels for racing cars, aiming to provide the customers with cutting-edge products that can offer the best performance.


EVO Corse Company Info

For over 10 years EVO Corse has been on the market of alloy wheels for racing cars, aiming to provide the customers with cutting-edge products that can offer the best performance.

EVO Corse was born in 2002 from the passion of experts with an accurate knowledge in the field of high-quality alloy wheels, building collaborative relationships with specialized companies from the racing wheels market. The expertise of its workers and the superiority of the products has allowed EVO Corse to become the official supplier to the most prestigious teams both in rally and track competitions.

EVO Corse, with the collaboration of SEIDO Design Engineering, uses the most advanced technology available for calculation and simulation in the racing wheel market and dedicates strong efforts to new products development and experimentation offering personalized and tailored solutions to its customers.

EVO Corse is located in northern Italy and has authorized dealers in 46 countries all over the world.

EVO Corse & Fondmetal

In August 2007 EVO Corse signed an important commercial and technical partnership agreement with Fondmetal – a well-known company with a glorious past in Formula 1 and currently leader in the production of aluminum alloy wheels for both the aftermarket and the OEM for the most prestigious brands of cars.

This collaboration allows EVO Corse to expand its product offering taking advantage of the technologies by Fondmetal, which for over forty years has worked in the foundry industry and currently has two wind tunnels where engineering researches are developed for the most important Formula 1, ALMS and DTM teams, as a legacy of a successful past in sports.

On the other hand, thanks to EVO Corse experience in the field of racing, Fondmetal gains prestige renewing its brand awareness in the sports world. For this reason, on the EVO Corse racing wheels the logos of both companies are applied.

However, this is an agreement of collaboration and development only: the two companies remain separate and independent from each other.

EVO Corse Technology

EVO Corse uses the best technologies for production and design – as well as high-quality materials – to provide products that are at the forefront of technology.

The design benefits from a decade long experience in every kind of racing alloy wheel, using the best CAD/CAM technology and structural FEM simulation, for maximum optimization of strength/weight ratio.

The production starts from a staple for any wheel that can be defined as a “racing wheel”: primary aluminum AS7 with T6 heat treatment, cast under low pressure into steel permanent molds. This procedure is more expensive than that needed for a normal alloy wheel (gravity casting without heat treatment), but ensures high performance without compromise.

Keeping into consideration the maximum amount of room that modern brake calipers can occupy, the rim contour of EVO Corse wheels is different from that of the regular wheels because is already optimized for the use of racing tires. The particular design of the spokes eases the brakes cooling without compromising the wheel strength; while the high resistance steel inserts mounted on each piece guarantee a perfect tightening of the bolts.

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