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MAOF 2018 Featured Vendors: Overland Experts (OEX)

Overland Experts (OEX) has been a main attraction at the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival since our first year back in 2014, and they are now returning for their 5th year at MAOF with two days of free 4x4 Driving and Recovery workshops and demos from August 10-11th on our 2018 Festival Schedule.

The workshops will feature a condensed preview of their 2 Day Driving and Recovery Course. Friday's 101 class will cover such topics as wheel placement, up and down hill terrain negotiation, side slopes, ditches, moguls, and vehicle spotting. Saturday's 201 class will discuss different recovery methods, starting with the fundamentals and progressing to real world scenarios with tools such as the Winch, and Hi Lift Jack. OEX's Saturday vehicle recovery demo will cover "Kinetic Recovery Techniques and Safety," demonstrating equipment such as the Kinetic Rope, Soft Shackles, Hi-Lift Jack, etc.


OEX Recovery Training
 Founded by Bruce Elfström in 1998, Overland Experts has become a premier 4x4 driving school for military, NGO, commercial, and recreational vehicle control in off-road environments. Their goal is to help you learn your vehicle's capabilities and limitations, adapt to those limitations and different terrain with a systems based approach, and drive your vehicle well. Recently, Main Line Overland brought OEX to the farm in the middle of a cold February to test our personal rigs and even some stock vehicles in the dead of winter. The systems-based approach of their 2 Day 4x4 Driving and Recovery Course provided lessons and hands-on experience that we still call upon to provide a layer of safety to the sometimes chaotic environment of wilderness travel. Our customers and team members finished the weekend with sky-high confidence and poise, leading us to conclude that OEX training is probably the best money you can spend before setting out on the trail!