Dometic Mobile Refrigeration

For years, I have been using a traditional cooler for camping, overlanding, and road trips. It kept my drinks cold but I quickly got tired of having to refill with ice every other day. Most big-name cooler brands claim they will keep ice for a week but I have never able to go more than two days before my cooler looked like a swimming pool. Speaking of swimming, that what my lunch did every time I put it in the cooler. I’ve had enough and decided to upgrade to a Dometic CFX40 fridge paired with a PLB40 to keep it powered. The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

was the first real test for my fridge and PLB40. I’m happy to say I am in love. All I had to do was plug my CFX 40 into the PLB40 and it began cooling. I also had the PLB40 charging from the 12V socket in my car while I was driving. I was at the festival for 4 days and never ran short of power. I was driving around a good bit each day which kept the PLB topped off. The PLB40 alone can run the fridge for about 40 hours. If it's packed with already cold items, even longer. Another great feature of the PLB40 is that it comes with an Anderson connector built-in.

This is how you charge it from a 12V socket in your car. The Anderson connector also makes it compatible with a solar panel. There is no need for dual batteries or solar controllers with the PLB40, it's plug and play. One of the best features of the CFX 40 is that I can control it through the Dometic CFX App. The app allows me to check and adjust the temperature right from my phone. During the festival, it was a pleasure to enjoy a dry sandwich and cold drinks. There was plenty of places to keep water bottles and your favorite adult beverages cold. Many people were coming up to our vendor booth and asking for water and I was happy to hand them cold water from the fridge.