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Playing Truck Tag with Fords, Unimogs, and Four Wheel Campers

Here is a video look at our Full-Size Truck Weekend at the Farm...

Location: Huntingdon, PA

More work on the farm preparing for the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival, so we brought up a few of our builds and specialty vehicles to do the job. For this trip, we brought the MLO Unimog 416 Diesel, the MLO Ford F250 Super Duty "Green Monster" with Grandby Four Wheel Camper, and our special guest, ARB USA's Ford F350 Super Duty, for which we installed a FWC Hawk. The Unimog proved the perfect road-clearing platform--we could stand in the 9 1/2 foot diamond plate bed with sickle bars and now an 18-wheeler or deuce and a half (it has happend) can make it up the road without scratching their clear coat. The ARB F350 proved more than capable of recovering the Mog's 10,000 lb payload when the parking lights were left on and we had to flat tow it to charge the batteries. We had time to play a little truck tag on the farm roads and hay fields before settling down for the evening in our Hawk and Grandby Four Wheel Campers. The next morning, the team from Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Riding School arrived for another reccy of the adventure motorbike course areas on the farm, and the surrounding trails in Bald Eagle State Forest. ARB USA's F350 Super Duty was very impressive in our first weekend trip. The FWC Hawk was barely noticeable with it's OME suspension kit, and it both ate up miles on the highway and was outstanding off-road with it's gearing, stance, and tuned diesel engine. Check back for a more in-depth look at this build as MLO will be playing with it for the next month.