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Overland Vehicle Find: 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 Turbo Diesel

Wednesday, 23 May, 2012

Today’s MLO vehicle find is a 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 with a Turbo Diesel motor and an automatic transmission.  This HJ61 has the High Roof option, four doors and one of the best engines Toyota has ever built, the Turbo Diesel 12HT. This is a VX model, with electric windows and cloth seats. It [...]

Rare Find: Toyota FJ22 Blizzard Convertible w/Diesel Hilux Engine

Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

This is the only known FJ22 Blizzard Diesel convertible in the USA and Canada from Japan where it was a Toyota factory dealer display car.  These vehicles were all RHD, and they never made a LHD version.  These vehicles were sold only into select countries.  This is one of the very few that were kept in Japan, [...]