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MLO Customer Project: 1968 Mini Pickup

Our mystery truck is in the shop!  It is a 1968 Morris Mini Pickup.  This Mini was found by one of our clients during a routine craigslist search, and he requested our Vehicle Selection Services to give him an idea of what he was buying and what it would inevitably need.  The craigslist photos were clearly a few years old, as we found the mini covered in dust where it had sat for 2+ years.  While all of the floors and body elements are rust free it was the victim of a quick respray paint job that is showing its age now.

While the inspection drew more on our Henwood Motorsports based knowledge, the build our client has planned will involve a lot of one-off “mini overland” fabrications. Stage one of the build is to give it an overall tune-up, even though it started right up and ran smoothly.  We already drained and put fresh fluids in all of the major systems and we will be doing points, rotor and the condenser on the ignition side.  We are also overhauling the suspension with new knuckles, shocks and cones (the main suspension feature on mini’s).

The overland plans for this build include an adjustable height and length bed/ladder rack to be able to haul a kayak and other gear, as well as cranking up the adjustable cone suspension to make room for larger tires.  The Mini will also undergo a cosmetic restoration in the mean time to bring some swagger back to this little workhorse!  This thing is a hoot to drive!  Driving on the right hand side of the car and shifting while in the oddest seating position possible makes you really appreciate the creature comforts of a modern get in and go vehicle.   The 848cc four banger makes you feel like a hero just taking a turn in second gear, and you get out of this tiny truck feeling like you just drove a go-kart illegally on the street!  Oh, and did we mention that we were able to pick this little vehicle up a single axle lawn mower trailer! Stay tuned for more of this build as it unfolds!


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