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Today’s Find: 1960 Triumph Panzer Cub

Check out this 1960 Triumph Tiger Cub that is fitted with an ultra rare “Sno-Go” track drive system.  This Tiger Cub has been fitted with full Mountain Cub tins to give it more of a vintage all-terrain look.  The seller also did this to better match the bike in the original Sno-Go advertisement.  This Sno-Go Tiger Cub is offered on ebay, in Murfreesboro, TN with a starting bid of $6500.   


The Cycle Sno-Go attachment was manufactured in Sacramento from Johnson Motors, the Triumph USA west-coast main distributor. This contraption could be fitted to any motorcycle, enabling it to traverse snow fields, loose sand, or boggy ground at up to 20 mph, and could be used for pulling large loads like big game and skiers. The device weighed 130lb, takes thirty or forty minutes to fit and cost $304.16, or slightly less than half the cost of a complete Mountain Cub. It is not known how many were made.


The Sno-Go utilizes a dummy rear wheel axle carrying a Tiger Cub 48 tooth rear sprocket, which is driven from the gearbox sprocket in the normal way. The dummy axle is supported by a pair of ball races around which the whole track mechanism pivoted. The dummy axle also carries a fixed secondary sprocket, and there is a separate idler sprocket to adjust secondary chain tension. It was this chain that drives the caterpillar tracks.

Having no differential, the bike prefers to progress in a straight line, particularly when on snow and fitted with skis on the front, gamely resisting any effort by the pilot to turn left or right. However, the Sno-Go can also be used without the skis, so the motorcycle front wheel can then impart some steering effect. With the skis fitted there are no brakes, so things sometimes get pretty exciting on snow, with only engine braking to slow you down and minimal steering!


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