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Video: Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen

Check out this Informative video on the Mercedes-Benz  Geländewagen, with some old school footage!

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The G-wagen or Geländewagen (also known as the G-Class) started development in the early 1970’s by Steyr-Puch under agreement from Mercedes-Benz.  The G-wagen was first developed as a military vehicle requested by the Shah of Iran and was first sold to the public in 1979.  The long running production and capabilities of the G-wagen make it a rival of the revered Land Rover Defender.

There have been numerous names for the Geländewagen over the years, including the “Puch G” and the Peugeot P4 which was basically a G-wagen with Peugeot drive-train and some other minor changes.  The G-wagen is currently utilized by 33 countries in some form of military service, including the U.S. where it serves as the Interim Fast Attack Vehicle.  The Geländewagen is a venerable favorite of military forces and overlanding enthusiasts because of its impressive off road capabilities, due impart to its three fully locking differentials.  A fully locked rig is rare these days as most of the large S.U.V.’s are slowly becoming mini-van-like crossovers.

The G-wagen came in several variants: the 460, 461 and 463.  The 460 refers to the early mostly civilian variant, which could be ordered as a short wheel base two door wagen or cabriolet as well as a long wheel base four door wagen.  The 461 designation refers to all non-publicly sold military versions and a few professional series styles.  The 463 was the first of many luxury redesigns for the G, which targeted a high end professional crowd as opposed to the hard core 4×4 enthusiasts that enjoyed it prior.


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