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Product Feature: ARB, a Legend in the Industry

ARB named for the initials of its founder, Anthony Ronald Brown, started making a name for itself during 1970’s in the 4×4 Mecca that is the “Top End” of the Australian outback. ARB is the product of an environment that demanded quality components in order to make it there and back in one piece.  Tony Brown crated the ARB legend by using “sound design principals and reliable raw materials,” thus allowing ARB to pioneer the Bull Bar.

ARB invests heavily in research and development to keep their place at the top.  They are one of few companies in the aftermarket 4×4 industry to have airbag compatible bull bars.  ARB takes safety seriously when adding armor as depicted here:  “With an air bag equipped vehicle for example, it is essential that the vehicles crush rate and air bag triggering is not altered when a bull bar is installed. Our exhaustive testing programs ensure ARB bull bars meet these requirements.”

At Main Line Overland we believe in ARB’s products and craftsmanship. Our belief is based on more than just a sales pitch; we have had ARB products on our current and previous overland vehicles.  Matt’s previous rig “Bertha,” a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 was equipped with an ARB Bull Bar, and proved itself strong winching other vehicles in the North Main Woods.

Peter’s current rig, a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser is equipped ARB bumpers front and rear. Peter’s bumpers have proven to be strong by taking the serious weight utilizing their integral jacking points.  We have never had an issue with a newly purchased ARB product and they have never failed to exceed our expectations.


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