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National Luna 80 liter Fridge Freezer, Aluminum

National Luna 80 liter Fridge Freezer, Aluminum


The National Luna Fridge line is designed to be the Toughest, Smartest, and Hardest working portable fridge in the world.  It cools faster and runs on less energy than any fridge in this industry.  If you are looking for the best there is, this is the fridge for you.  It has proven itself on every continent, and is available to you.


  • Digital thermostat
  • Turbo mode, when surplus power available
  • 3 level selectable low battery protection , Fault-ID & self diagnostic display
  • Full surround metal cooling plates
  • Stainless steel basket with carry/stacking handles
  • High-strength, spring loaded carry handles
  • Lockable latches
  • Interior light


  • External Dimensions                        32.87″L x 19.5″W x 21″H, 38.5″H with lid raised
  • Actual Volume                                 84.2 quart (79.7L)
  • Weight                                            64 lbs.
  • Materials                                         Structured aluminum exterior, smooth aluminum interior
  • Insulation                                        60mm thick, high density foam injected
  • Baskets                                          1 stainless steel basket included
  • Color                                              Silver
  • Compressor                                    Danfoss BD35F
  • Power supply                                  12 / 24V DC, 120V AC standard
  • Power consumption draw*               12V – 2.5Amps average running current
  • Power Consumption range*  1.74 – 2.39 amp/hour average power draw
  • Shipping Dims.                               35″L x 22″W x 23″H
  • Item                                                NLS296


*  Average power consumption is measured with a setting of 14ºF in ambient temperatures of 90ºF and 110ºF respectively.  Actual power consumptions may vary considerably with ambient temperature, thermostat settings and frequency of use. Power consumption will increase during periods of surplus available power (Turbo mode)

National Luna Fridge Freezers

The National Luna Freezer/Fridge line is arguably the best portable refrigeration available in the world. It won the Overland Journal Fridge Comparison Editors Choice Award for its quality and performance.  Their combination of design, durability, and energy economy is second to none. National Luna is the choice of Overlanders in Africa, Australia, and Europe. And now we are proud to offer it to you here is the United States.

Tougher, smarter construction

Stainless steel or aluminum walls, inside and out.  Outside minimizes damage.  Inside maximizes cooling surface.  High pressure injected insulation core.

Maximum cooling and control

Danfoss BD35F compressors for reliability, variable speed control from 12V DC to 240V AC including automatic AC/DC switching, battery monitoring, and low battery cut-out.

Better performance with less power

One simple guarantee – Our fridges will maintain genuine deep-freeze capability of 0ºF with an outside ambient temperature of up to 110ºF.

Power consumption is a measurement over time, not at a given moment. High efficiency compressors, intelligent controllers, larger cooling plates, and superior insulation means your fridge stays cooler longer and draws much less power.

Capacity and versatility

Models from 40 liter to 125 liter

Dual door fridge and freezer versatility

Built to work harder

Commercial grade metal construction, including lockable lids and spring loaded handles

Quality and performance, Guaranteed

Every fridge sent to the US undergoes 24 hours of testing in a controlled 110ºF climate controlled chamber, and another 6 days or running, to ensure performance criteria are met.

3 year comprehensive warranty