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AEV JK Snorkel Kit

AEV JK Snorkel Kit


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*NOTE: The AEV JK Snorkel Kit is not currently compatible with 2012 gasoline powered Wranglers.*


Constructed from nearly indestructible cross-linked polyethylene, AEV’s Snorkel comes with either a highly effective cyclonic Pre-Filter (bowl) or Air Ram (scoop).


Both options allow the engine to breath equally well, but both have distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to one other.  The Air Ram is designed to draw in air and separate rain water from the air charge.  It is incredibly rugged and well suited to wooded terrain where impacts with trees and branches are likely. By comparison, the pre-filter is designed to draw in air and separate both rain and dust from the air charge. Though the Pre-Filter lacks the ruggedness of the Air Ram, it is well suited to dry, desert terrain where thick dust is likely.  The Pre-Filter is also cleanable and virtually reusable for the life of the snorkel.


Installation requires only minor modifications to the stock JK hood or it fits perfectly with AEV’s Heat Reduction Hood with no cutting necessary.


AEV’s JK Snorkel air intake system is the essential engine protection accessory for overland adventurers whose brand of exploration includes the deepest water crossings and the dustiest dirt tracks.


Key Features


• Cross-link polyethylene construction     • Plugs directly into the stock JK airbox inlet
• Exacting fit to JK body contours     • Requires only minor trimming of hood
• Attaches to JK body utilizing all factory bolt holes     • Available with Air Ram or Pre-Filter intake