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Overland Vehicle Find: 2006 AEV Hemi Brute

Destined to be an American classic! Check out this 2006 Hemi Powered AEV Brute! The Brute Offers utility, great styling, and AEV durability. Countless hours of design have made this the ultimate conversion for any Jeep TJ Wrangler (SWB, LWB, LHD, RHD). Originally designed in 2002 (and a winner of the Daimler/Chrysler Design Excellence Award), the Brute package is available in kit form (which we offer). The AEV Brute includes an all new hardtop with increased headroom and two small skylights, plus a redesigned stamped steel bed that offers even more storage space. 

This particular Brute was build to order by AEV at their Montana facility.  The seller claims that the truck is part of a vehicle collection and was never used off-road, much to our dismay!  We speculate that the seller utilized the 5.7 Liter Hemi to haul his yellow Lamborghinis to and from the shop, given the Lamborghini owners club sticker on the tailgate.  We love sellers like this because they generally keep their vehicles in top condition, which preserves them for people who really want to enjoy and test their capabilities down the line! This Brute is available on EBay in North Truro, MA for $55K 


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