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sPOD System Install on MLO Jeep JK

Today we installed a new 6-switch sPOD system with built-in air gauge on the Main Line Overland Jeep JK.  The installation process was very simple, mostly due in part to the easy to follow directions.

The sPOD switches mount on a panel neatly between the sun visors, and do not interfere with the latches for the top.  Minor trimming of the plastic interior trim piece the spans the top of the windshield is necessary in order to clear the bracket that the sPOD panel mounts to.

The system utilizes an existing hole in the firewall to feed the wiring harness through to theSource unit where the brains of the system reside.  This unit mounts on top of the ECU module using existing hardware.

This system takes no more than an hour to install, and the end result is an easy to use system allowing you to wire-in and control all of your vehicles accessories.


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